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  • Payment API - Integration with SEQR is done via SOAP.
  • eProducts API - Integration with SEQR is done via SOAP.
  • SEQR Invoice Service API - Integration with SEQR is done via SOAP and REST
  • Plugins - SEQR plugins for eCommerce platforms
  • FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
  • Reporting - Enables reconciliation; that is, to check and confirm that the client has the same number of transactions as the SEQR service during a specified period.
  • Glossary - Gives a brief description to the terminology used in our documents and website.

Mobile payments made available for everybody.
Fast, secure and simple.

SEQR is a system for mobile payments. Its flexible platform works in almost any payment situation. Key factors are security, speed, accessibility and usability.

SEQR offers the ability for user interaction, through the SEQR app, with an almost limitless range of functions in connection with shopping and payments.

Paying with SEQR is super easy.
Getting paid is just as easy with our api.

The Seamless API provides the possibility for merchants to integrate their payment system with SEQR, enabling their customers to be able to pay using the SEQR app in an easy, fast and secure way. Any type of shop can integrate with SEQR, it may be a POS, a webshop, a service, an app, etc.

For the merchant, this technology is very advantageous since it reduces their transaction costs by half, compared to regular card payments.