Basic Glase payment

Make a test purchase:

  1. Create a bill and publish it to the app
  2. Pay using Glase app
  3. Check the payment status

The example uses public credentials that you can use for testing.

Sequence of payment

@startuml skinparam monochrome true participant Merchant participant SEQR participant "SEQR App" as SEQRApp Merchant->SEQR: sendInvoice SEQR-->Merchant: (unique reference) Merchant->SEQR: getPaymentStatus SEQR-->Merchant: ISSUED SEQRApp->SEQR: ask for invoice at point of sale or using reference Note right of SEQR: retry until you get SUCCESS SEQRApp->SEQR: payment (with uniqe reference) Merchant->SEQR: getPaymentStatus SEQR-->Merchant: PAID Note right of Merchant: Payment cleared! SEQR->SEQRApp: Done (show receipt) Merchant-->SEQRApp: Happy! @enduml

Create a bill and publish it to the app

You will need PIL and qrpython library (pip install qrcode PIL suds)

# create an invoice
invoice = client.factory.create("ns0:invoice")
invoice.paymentMode = "IMMEDIATE_DEBIT"
invoice.acknowledgmentMode = "NO_ACKNOWLEDGMENT"
invoice.title="Grand Cinema"
# our invoice has just one row
invoice.invoiceRows = client.factory.create('ns0:invoiceRows')
row1 = invoice.invoiceRows.invoiceRow = client.factory.create('ns0:invoiceRow')
row1.itemDescription = "Movie Tickets"
row1.itemTotalAmount = client.factory.create('ns0:itemTotalAmount')
row1.itemTotalAmount.value, row1.itemTotalAmount.currency = "500", "SEK"
invoice.totalAmount = client.factory.create('ns0:totalAmount')
invoice.totalAmount.value, invoice.totalAmount.currency = "500", "SEK"
# publish the invoice to the app
invoiceResponse = client.service.sendInvoice(context, invoice)

Pay using Glase app

Download and install Glase app, refer to Get Glase app.

Check for payment status

response = client.service.getPaymentStatus(context,
while response.resultCode == 0 and response.status == "ISSUED":
    response = client.service.getPaymentStatus(context,

Note! The point of sale must check the status each second, to verify that payment is completed. Otherwise the Glase server does not receive any notification that transaction is finalized and the purchase will then be reversed!

Try more functions

So this is the core of Glase payments. The same flow, more or less, can be used in all the payment scenarios you see in the next section.